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Nebraska Mink 2019

June 28-30 2019
Camp Jefferson, Fairbury Nebraska

Welcome to the 2019 Nebraska Mink Page. on this Page you will find all the info you need to know about Nebraska Mink.

Mink is SOLD OUT, if you are looking for a Rego, i'd suggest going to the Mink Facebook page to find one for sale!

SO here's the info you all want to know:

We are capped at 150 people.

The Rego's are either Tenting or Cabin, RV's and Campers will not be allowed on the property.

Parking is extremely limited and we cannot park on the grass, just the gravel parking lot, so carpooling is HIGHLY encouraged. This is also why NO RV'S OR CAMPERS are allowed, we do not have room for them. 

What about the location? Nebraska Mink 2019 Will be hosted at Camp Jefferson in Fairbury Nebraska. It is a privately-owned campground located about 20 miles from the Nebraska / Kansas Border!

If you want to know more about the venue in the Menu above select Mink 2019 and then Venue Info.

Rules for 2019 Nebraska Mink

Now the part some of you are going to hate… The Rules!
There are a few rules for 2019 Mink. If you don’t like them, I’m going to tell you right now, SELL YOUR REGO FOR MINK. Hashers who violate these rules will be sent home without a refund! These rules are not up for negotiation. We don’t want to hear your whining, we don’t care.
No Kids – Period. Zero Exceptions
No Pets – Service animals will be permitted, but it will be the owners responsibility to care for the animal. Service Animal must be kept on leash.
No Nudity until after dark – because of the pool, the campground manager must come on the property at least twice a day to check pool chemical levels, we might also have caterers on the property. Keep your clothes on until its dark 
Pool Rules – If you are in the pool you will have a bathing suit on, regardless of day or night. We will have inflatable pools on site for those who want to get in a pool naked after dark. No glass in or around the pool area. Before getting in the pool you will use the poolside outdoor shower to wash off. 

The pool on the property is BRAND NEW, and we are not going to trash it into a nasty cesspool. If the pool is getting abused, it will be locked and off limits.

The Fishing lake is for fishing, No Swimming. The property owners have informed us that it is well stocked with fish and it has a huge dropoff. In his words "I wouldn't swim in there!" So there's no swimming in the lake which means no naked swimming in the lake.

NO PUBLIC SEX ACTS – Day or Night, Zero Exceptions. You want to engage in sexual acts, go in your cabin/tent and do it.

If you have just read these rules and your instant reaction is:

“Screw that, i'm going to Mink and I’m going to do all of these things!!!”

I’m telling your right now, SELL YOUR REGO FOR MINK. Go to another event that allows such behavior.

We have 150 rego spots this year, if you don’t like the rules don’t attend, there will be plenty of other people who want a rego who have no problems with the rules.